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Social media users rated Yair Lapid's vocals differently

Social media users rated Yair Lapid’s vocals differently

A photo: REUTERS

A video from the wedding of the son of the Israeli Prime Minister appeared on social networks Yaira Lapida, Yoava.

In a short video, the head of the Israeli government sings along with popular singers Rami Kleinstein and Tamir Harpaz.

According to eyewitnesses, the wedding of Yair Lapid’s son from his first marriage took place in the town of Hula under heavy guard.

Most of the social media regulars who commented on the video with the prime minister wished him and his family happiness and good luck and expressed the hope that everything would be fine in the country.

However, there were those who negatively assessed the creative efforts of the politician.

– I looked and it was at that moment that I decided that it would be better if Lapid flashed as prime minister! – wrote one of the users.

Journalist, writer, public figure, founder and first chairman of the Yesh Atid party, 58-year-old Yair Lapid took over as Prime Minister of Israel in early July. His appointment to the post took place as part of an agreement with the chairman of the Yamina party, Naftali Bennett, who headed the country’s government after the formation of a coalition and the resignation of Benjamin Netanyahu.

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