Israeli illusionist Uri Geller threatened to ‘break’ Russian missiles with his mind

Uri Geller.

Uri Geller.

A photo: REUTERS

Israeli illusionist Uri Geller, who became famous for his ability to bend spoons with “the power of thought”, published on social networks a copy of a letter that he allegedly sent to the Kremlin.

The terrified magician’s message was prompted by rumors circulating in the Western media about Russia’s possible use of nuclear weapons against its enemies. In particular, against Britain, where Geller spends most of his time.

“Your missile-control computers will fail, your navigation systems will ‘fail’, and your missiles will fail. You have been warned – wrote illusionist in social networks.

Geller also asked all the inhabitants of the Earth to help him repel a hypothetical strike – for this, every day you need to imagine a shining force field in the sky, protecting territories from a possible attack.

Uri Geller, whose star set back in the 80s of the last century, loves attention and tries to remind himself at any convenient (and not very) occasion. For example, when in 2021 the container ship Ever Given, having run aground, blocked the Suez Canal for several days, the illusionist said that he was about to move the ship with the power of thought. And when the tugs nevertheless managed to turn the unfortunate ship, Geller immediately declared that this was his merit.

One of the famous Russian magicians, speaking of Geller, said that the only skill that Uri Geller undoubtedly possesses is “to lie without a twinge of conscience in front of any audience.”

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