Ishchenko believes that the United States is afraid to fight and will not attack Russia

The US does not want to fight itself and will never attack the Russian Federation.

This was reported political scientist and analyst Rostislav Ischenko. He noted that the States only want to deal with the supply of weapons to warring countries.

“They say quite sincerely that they don’t want to fight with us, because they understand perfectly well that this means destruction for them,” the expert said.

True, for the Russian Federation, the war with the United States also does not bode well, the political scientist quotes “Military Affairs”.

According to him, Washington is not at all opposed to Moscow fighting. However, Americans are afraid to fight And they don’t want to attack anyone.

Ishchenko is sure that the White House really wants China to fight with Taiwan, Russia with the EU, and Israel with Iran. And the United States itself will only be engaged in the supply of weapons and collect dividends.

Also, the analyst does not exclude that the war between the Russian Federation and the United States can still take place.

“But it will be a war of chance. A war of losing control over the process of raising rates in the political game,” the observer summed up and emphasized that it was not in their interests to fight Russia.

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