Is it good to share a bed with cats: the pros and cons of co-sleeping

Doctors talk about the possible disadvantages of co-sleeping with a cat:

Doctors talk about the possible disadvantages of co-sleeping with a cat:

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A few years ago doctors Mayo Clinic Sleep Center published the results of studies where every fifth pet owner (that is, 20% of those surveyed) complained that his pet disturbs his sleep. At the same time, 41% of survey participants, on the contrary, said that they sleep best with their pet at their side.

According to experts from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, half of pet owners in the US allow pets to sleep in their bed with them. Moreover, this is the data of all pet owners – cats, dogs, and hamsters. Surely, cat owners were unanimous in this survey – try not to let them!


Doctors talk about the possible disadvantages of co-sleeping with a cat: the risk of developing allergies, an increased risk of getting toxoplasmosis (if the cat is infected with it), although for this you need to literally kiss the animal in the ass, or so that it sleeps directly on your head.

And, of course, a cat may have a bad dream (yes, they have everything like people), scare her, and when awake, a young animal may accidentally cling to you with its claws. Although this is a rarity. But you can’t crush a cat in a dream, it will simply leave the trajectory of our movement.

But the advantages are also obvious: the rhythmic breathing of a cat, its warmth, purring, rattling soothe and relieve stress, relax, set to sleep. Many owners say that the cat protects them from nightmares by waking them up with the touch of their paw.

By the way, according to a summary study of Australian scientists, cat owners have a stronger psyche and are generally healthier and happier than those who do not have cats.


As noted zoopsychologist Tatyana KulikovaIt is impossible to force a cat to sleep next to a person, it is too independent. But at the same time, you can teach her to sleep together with affection and patience.

Moreover, although cats know how to show love, each does it in its own way. Actually, just like people. Some of us like to cuddle and be in contact with a partner all the time, while others prefer to sleep separately, despite strong feelings. So are cats: someone will sleep next to you, demand to be taken “on the handles”. And for some, it’s enough just to keep you in sight and only occasionally touch your tail.

If you understand the body language of cats well, then you will be able to notice the signals by which a cat shows its love for you – this is squeezing and unclenching its paws (as if it is clawing at the air), affectionate squinting eyes, purring, relaxed posture, desire to be near you – everything it is a manifestation of affection. In this case, the cat will not necessarily want to sleep with you. Respect your cat as an equal partner and let her love you the way she knows how.

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