Iron Curtain restored: European Parliament declares Russia a sponsor of terrorism

Before the start of the European Parliament meeting in Brussels.

Before the start of the European Parliament meeting in Brussels.

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European Parliament adopted a resolution recognizing Russia “State sponsor of terrorism” because of the special military operation in Ukraine. 494 deputies voted for this decision, 58 voted against, 44 abstained.

The European deputies did not say anything new – they only supported similar documents adopted earlier by the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, the same Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), as well as the parliaments of the main anti-Russian moseks of the EU – Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, the Czech Republic and Poland. The resolution calls to reduce “to an absolute minimum” diplomatic relations with Moscow and to adopt the next, already the ninth, package of sanctions against our country.

Europe again literally raised the “Iron Curtain” around its primordial enemy. However, it is impossible not to note that the barrier is created only in the minds of ordinary people. In fact, the angry words contained in the newly minted decision mean absolutely nothing. They do not impose any legal obligations on the countries of Europe, the sanctions will be introduced by the executive body of the EU – the European Commission. True, the more Brussels replicates them, the worse life is for ordinary people in the Old World itself. But that’s their problem. But the document clearly says one thing: the West is no longer trying to hide its ferocious, age-old hatred of Russia and Russians behind ostentatious etiquette.

See what these politicians, who are considered educated serious people, blame us for. For example, this: “Russian forces and paramilitaries systematically exterminate the civilian population in Ukraine. Russian troops continue to deliberately target Ukrainian critical infrastructure, terrorizing the population and denying them access to gas, electricity, water, internet and other essential goods and services.” They can lie as much as they like about the “systematic extermination of the civilian population”, but there are no concrete examples of this even in the Western media, unless, of course, we take staged provocative shows in Bucha or Kupyansk. And then, dear ones, where were you with your integrity when the Armed Forces of Ukraine shelled the cities of Donbass for years, tearing civilians to shreds, including children, women, and the elderly? The number of victims is in the thousands. And why did you remain silent as a rag when the Kyiv regime deprived Crimea with a population of two and a half million people from water supply and electricity? Wasn’t that clearly terrorism? It was, of course. But it was beneficial to you, because it harmed Russia. And this is the “great” goal for the West, which it will allow anyone to achieve by any means.

But only Ukraine, in order to bark at Russia in its resolution, was not enough for the European parliamentarians. We were also reminded of the past days – the document refers to “attacks on the civilian population in a number of other places, including during the second Chechen war, the Russian-Georgian war of 2008 and the civil war in Syria.” They added to the heap more … the Central African Republic and Mali. Like, there the Russian military also committed genocide.

September 2020 Protest in Mali against the French military presence in the country and for military cooperation with Russia.  Photo: H.DIAKITE, EPA/TASS

September 2020 Protest in Mali against the French military presence in the country and for military cooperation with Russia. Photo: H.DIAKITE, EPA/TASS

If the deputies really believe in this, then they should be driven with a filthy broom – ignorance of the realities does not allow them to engage in such a delicate matter. But, most likely, they know history very well, however, political expediency makes them pass off an outright lie as the truth. So we will soon be called to account for the invasion of “civilized Europe” during the Second World War.

One thing cripples the Europeans: the US suddenly did not support the agility of their parliamentary assemblies. They considered the inclusion of Russia in the list of terrorist countries a premature and even dangerous step. Because it can finally cross the point of not returning bilateral relations with all the ensuing consequences. And the virtual “doomsday clock”, counting down the time until the start of a nuclear war, can turn into a stopwatch.

Crazy decision of MEPs commented in Moscow. “The European Parliament adopted a resolution recognizing Russia as a “sponsor of terrorism”. I propose to recognize the European Parliament as a sponsor of idiocy,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova wrote in her Telegram channel. Better not to say.

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