Irina Apeksimova runs the largest drama theater in Russia and promises not to fire anyone

Actress Daria Avratinskaya feels great in the theater, which is directed by her mother Irina Apeksimova

Actress Daria Avratinskaya feels great in the theater, which is directed by her mother Irina Apeksimova

A photo: Anastasia PLESHAKOV

At the traditional meeting of the troupe, the theater director Irina Apeksimova shared her plans and news. Firstly, she reported that two “freshly caught artists” appeared in the troupe – Sergey Kirpichenok and Daria Balabanova.

Secondly, premieres are still ripening in the heads of directors. The new season of Taganka opens with the 100th (!) show of the musical Sweeney Todd, the Maniac Barber of Fleet Street (directed by Alexei Frandetti). The premiere of last season Don Quixote. Sancho Panza. Russian Diary” by Denis Khusniyarov. Until the end of September, director’s laboratories will work. As planned, they are needed in order to reveal creative potential.

Thirdly, traditionally in September there will be an open-air festival “Theatrical March” in the Moscow garden “Hermitage”. There will be tours in Irkutsk. There was a digital notification system for artists and a touch monitor with an electronic schedule. For convenience, a special application has been created on the phone, through which notifications about rehearsals and performances will be received. The older generation will call the old fashioned way. But these are their quiet joys.

The main and most interesting thing is creative plans.

In the new season, viewers are waiting for six premieres at once.

In October, Cavalry (according to Babel) is released, directed by Denis Azarov.

Performances planned:

– “104 pages about love” (play by Edward Radzinsky) – director Victoria Pechernikova;

– “Black Cat, White Cat” (based on the screenplay by Emir Kusturica) staged by the chief director of the Taganka Theater Yuri Muravitsky;

– “Hot Heart” (according to Alexander Ostrovsky) – director Damir Salimzyanov;

– the musical “Love 5728” (Jason Robert Brown) directed by Alexei Frandetti;

– “Mu-Mu” – directed by Narine Grigoryan.

The stage in Fakelny Lane will become the site of the new Likbez project, which includes a director’s laboratory. The plans include solo performances, mono-readings and a cycle of showings of television performances by great directors from the collection of the State Film Fund. And other readings and projects.

After Irina Apeksimova announced her plans, KP asked her a few questions. The truth turned out that these are not really questions. And the theses, to which the director of “Taganka” found counterarguments.

– There are more than 150 people in the troupe of the united Taganka Theater, to which the ApARTe theater was joined in the spring. It’s a lot…

– This is so much that we are now the largest (in terms of the number of artists) drama theater in Russia. The troupe is very motley, different acting schools with their own stage language. That’s why we’re making a director’s lab to assess everyone’s potential. It’s hard to tell from the performances. Much depends on the director. In the creative laboratory, the artist is at a glance. It is also a good case for the exchange of experience.

– Rumors are constantly circulating that Apeksimova will be cutting staff. Even with four stages (two large and two small), it is difficult to occupy such a huge troupe.

– Don’t believe the rumors. We started the season and there are no layoffs, as you can see.

– I was told: you force adults, professional artists to attend not only creative laboratories, but also choreographic classes …

– Choreographic training is necessary to keep yourself in shape. You go to the gym and pay money for it. And here you can train at the barre for free, plus ground training.

– Is it your corps de ballet past (in her youth, Apeksimova danced in the corps de ballet of the Odessa theater) prompted such a decision?

– Not corps de ballet, but Tabakov’s past (Irina Apeksimova studied at the Moscow Art Theater School in the workshop of Oleg Tabakov – Ed.). I don’t force older artists to go to these trainings. But the young and middle generation must be in shape.

– One of the main problems of the Taganka Theater (in my opinion) is that you do not have media artists, and not in any of the three troupes (Taganka Theatre, “Commonwealth of Taganka Actors”, “ApARTe”). Will you invite stars from outside?

– We now have more than 150 artists. Everyone needs to be busy with work. Not always popularity or media exposure equals talent. We have great artists. It is not my task to attract the media just for the sake of PR. The directors are also not yurilyubimovs. But therein lies the interest. So that the audience would go not to names, but to good performances.

– Your daughter Daria Avratinskaya is busy in many performances of Taganka …

– What’s wrong with my daughter? – for some reason, Apeksimov reacted sharply. – Why talk about it? You better ask about Alexandra Basova, Roman Kolotukhin, Vasily Urievsky, about Pavel Komarov (known from the TV series “Beetles”) …

… As we understand, these are the current stars of Taganka. But the names are completely unknown to the general public. Yes, I asked about something else. Daughter, Daria Avratinskaya, is busy in 11 titles. And this raises questions.

– You are not a “yellow press”. Why discuss my daughter? Apeksimova was still offended.

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