Iraq on the brink of civil war: troops entered the capital to prevent residents from overthrowing the pro-American government

As a result, the demonstrators, crushing the weak American cordons, occupied parliament and demanded the convening of a

As a result, the demonstrators, crushing the weak American cordons, occupied parliament and demanded the convening of a “people’s government”

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It looks like August is turning into a month of political disasters for Americans. Exactly a year ago, their contingents were evacuated (if not to say “fled”) from Afghanistan. And now a similar situation is developing in another country in the Middle East – Iraq.

Recall that the “star-striped” soldiers invaded this state in 2003, allegedly saving the world from “Saddam Hussein’s chemical weapons”, which then were never found. However, the once stable Iraq has turned into a black hole in almost 20 years, with hundreds of thousands of civilians killed due to the war of all against all that has continued since then.

Formally, the country has a “democratically elected government”, but many rightly consider it an American puppet. In late July – early August, this political crisis reached its peak: thousands of residents of Baghdad went first to rallies, and then to storm the parliament.

This building is located in the so-called “green zone” – a totally fenced quarter, which is fully controlled and guarded by American troops. Because of this alone, it is not necessary to talk about the independence of the local legislature.

As a result, the demonstrators, crushing the weak American cordons, occupied the parliament and demanded the convening of a “people’s government” headed by its leader, the authoritative religious figure Muqtada al-Sadr.

Why these people have switched to such “direct actions” right now, Ahmed Salim, a specialist in the region, political scientist, told the website:

– In October last year, the patriotic party of Muqtada al-Sadra, who opposed the American dictate, won the elections in the country. However, she was not allowed to form a government. Therefore, at first, the voters of this party came out to protest rallies. But now the general public has joined them, dreaming of getting rid of the dominance of the old corrupt politicians.

At the same time, the interlocutor of doubts very much that America could have had a hand in the Mesopotamian mass protests.

– It is in Washington’s interests, on the contrary, that these pro-American politicians remain in their seats. After all, it is they who contribute to the US presence in Iraq, the export of oil and everything else that the Americans need from there,” Salim Ahmed believes.

But whether the “Asadrists” (supporters of al-Sadr) will win is hard to say. Unlike Afghanistan, Iraq has oil, and Americans suffering from an energy crisis are reluctant to leave such regions. Finally, neighboring Iran is also playing its game in Baghdad, dreaming of planting a government loyal to itself in Iraq (which contradicts the plans of Muqtada al-Sadr to take local oil fields exclusively under his own – Asadrist – control). Therefore, supporters of Iran hold their rallies: against the Americans, but against al-Sadr too.

So the political crisis in Baghdad is clearly far from over.


Troops in Baghdad amid protests

Protesters took over the parliament buildingmore)

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