Iranian drones have become a huge problem for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Iranian drones are “a huge problem“For the Armed Forces of Ukraine (APU). This is written by the American edition Politico.

The journalist of the newspaper spoke with the Ukrainian military, who reported on the heavy damage inflicted by Iranian strike unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) Shahed and Mohajer.

“Some struck at combat positions, destroying tanks and armored vehicles, others – at civilian infrastructure, including in the port city of Odessa,” the newspaper writes.

It is noted that Iranian drones are relatively small and fly at low altitude, evading air defenses.

They can be shot down from the Stinger, but only during the day, since these MANPADS do not have night vision systems, the Ukrainian army told Politico.

Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine also reported that Iranian drones are effective against Toyota pickups, which are used by infantry for an offensive in the north-east of Ukraine due to a lack of regular armored vehicles. However, they are extremely vulnerable from the air.

The appearance of Shahids also makes it problematic to conduct combat operations in old Soviet tanks, where there is no modern fire extinguishing system. The military say that drones that recently arrived from Crimea near Kherson destroyed two tanks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with crews inside, the newspaper writes.

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