IPod music player after more than 20 years of ending. Apple just an escort way Business

After more than two decades, the American technology company Apple has been merging with its iPod music player. The company announcedthat the latest version of this iPod Touch will only sell until it runs out of time.

The spirit of the iPod today is long. We have integrated the current music experience into all of our products, said Greg Joswiak, Apple’s vice president of global marketing. Apple makes popular iPhone smartphones, iPad tablet computers, Apple Watch smartphones and Mac smartphones.

The launch of the iPod was introduced by Apple in 2001, causing a small revolution. Music players did exist before, but Apple’s device was the first to simplify the way you synchronize between your personal computer and your digital music files. For the company, the iPod was also the first shower outside the personal sweat.

The first iPod, introduced on June 23, 2001, was surprisingly small in its time. In an elegant body the size of a deck of cards, there was a hard drive with a capacity of five gigabytes, which could play and a thousand songs. The device was controlled by a wheel located on the front side and, unlike in later versions, where this element worked similarly to a touchpad on a notebook, it has a mechanical control.

Despite the relatively high retail price of $ 399, the iPod hit the black. Its popularity has grown with each generation, although critical voices have emerged claiming that it is a pedenal zazen with limited features and only average reproduction quality. The iPod surpassed the one million unit sold in June 2003. In the same year, Apple introduced a paid Internet service for downloading iTunes music, and the iPod’s popularity increased.

In 2007, Apple launched the iPhone, which immediately became one of iPod’s biggest competitors. IPod sales gradually declined to such an extent that Apple continued to provide accurate sales data for these devices in its financial statements. Apple has long predicted that iPods are gradually disappearing because more people buy iPhones or smartphones that can play music.

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