Invisible world. My home is my castle?

Nowadays, it is not uncommon to hear in a conversation that strange things began to happen in someone’s apartment – objects fall or fly, some knocks are heard, separate words sound, shadows, ghosts, lights may appear, a person is seized by inexplicable fear. Reasonably understanding that this phenomenon cannot be stopped on their own, people come to the temple for help: “Help, it is impossible to be at home!”

  • But there are those who believe that this is a “brownie prank”, trying to appease him, feed him.
  • Others believe that they were envied, spoiled, they begin to look for grandmothers and psychics to calm the home.
  • Still others are sure that “higher powers” are talking to them, dictating a message to unreasonable humanity.

Angels do not harm

And people do not realize what a misfortune hangs over them. After all, God’s messengers – holy angels – always do good: they lead people to God, repentance, salvation, help in deeds pleasing to God. And to do dirty tricks, to harm is the constant occupation of the fallen spirits, led by Satan, who, out of their hatred, are ready to wipe out the human race from the face of the Earth.

By His great mercy and love, the Lord protects us, and usually demons cannot attack sinners directly, but fight them through the thoughts, illnesses, and attacks of other people.

Only the great saints allowed the Lord to endure obvious attacks, beatings from demons – so that they would be defeated by the power of God. And in ordinary apartments, demons – “brownies” appear, as a rule, for the rather serious sins of the inhabitants, who have opened direct access to the spirits of darkness. And if this happens – do not expect good, on the contrary: the evil spirit, gaining more and more power over people, can gradually upset their whole life, and even lead to death. Do not believe the tales of good brownies

I remember how in one house, already at the funeral of a man who died in Great Lent and blasphemed God until his death, “someone” began to jump, knocking on the tables with a spoon. Further – more: an invisible “bird”, flapping its “wings”, went flying around the rooms, spotlights from non-existent headlights began to appear on the walls, some men fighting in the room arose in half-asleep visions. Within six months, cars hit the owner’s son and two of his cousins…

What to do if there are “tenants”

So what to do? Of course, if uninvited “tenants” appeared, you should immediately run to the priest and ask him to bless the dwelling according to the order of the Orthodox Church. But this is not enough. The work of a priest will be in vain if the people living in the apartment themselves do not change their lives. Many would like to get rid of an annoying hindrance – and still drown in sins and vices, lead a godless life, not repent of sins. But this is impossible. A person who does not have the cover of God’s grace, the intercession of the Guardian Angel, serving his passions and lusts, will become an easy prey for fallen spirits, will again repeat his mistakes, which this time may turn out to be fatal. As the Lord said (Matt. 12:43-45), one demon can go out, but seven can enter.

There is no salvation outside the Church. In order for the demon to leave us alone and not have access to us, it is necessary for all those living in the apartment to repent for their entire past life, go to church – go to church, confess, pray, fulfill the Commandments of God. The dwelling should be sprinkled in the morning and evening with holy water, reading the prayers “Let God rise again” and “Alive in the help of the Most High” (Psalm 90). It is necessary to remove from the house everything that is contrary to God – everything related to witchcraft, magic, divination, pornography, astrology, eastern false teachings. After all, being carried away by this, we directly call demons into the house. And they will not force you to repeat the invitation twice.

In the “Order of Blessing the Dwelling” we ask that Christ the Savior Himself come to us and live with us, so that he would assign a Guardian Angel to our dwelling. Do we want it, are we ready for it? We need to become what the Lord wants us to be—a habitation of the grace of God. Peace will be established in our dwellings when it is established in our souls.

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