Intimate evidence: Harvey Weinstein will have to take off his pants in court

Harvey Weinstein is accused of harassing four women

Harvey Weinstein is accused of harassing four women

A photo: REUTERS

Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, serving a 23-year prison sentence for harassment and rape, undressed in court during the next hearing. The judge decided in front of witnesses to examine the allegedly deformed genitals of the defendant.

Harvey Weinstein is accused of harassing four women about 10-18 years ago.

The public exposure is necessary in order to confirm the victims’ testimonies about the anatomical features of the producer, which they noticed during the harassment.

The deputy district attorney of Los Angeles said that Weinstein at one time underwent surgery on the genitals, which caused them to be seriously deformed. Therefore, if the victims of violence manage to truthfully describe the features of the body of a loving showman, then their testimony can be considered reliable.

Harvey Weinstein himself completely denies any accusations against him and at all processes adhered to the assertion that the women accusing him had sex with him voluntarily, for which he helped them move up the career ladder.

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