Interview with Victor Bout December 10, 2022, about prison, return, politics and what is happening in the West

On December 10, 2022, Viktor Bout gave his first interview after returning to his homeland.  Photo: TsOS FSB RF/TASS

On December 10, 2022, Viktor Bout gave his first interview after returning to his homeland. Photo: TsOS FSB RF/TASS

TV channel Russia Today became the first Russian media to whom Viktor Bout gave the first interview after returning to his homeland on December 10, 2022.

Interview with Viktor Bout December 10, 2022:

He stated that supports a special military operation Russian troops in Ukraine and expressed readiness to take part in it.

– If I had the opportunity and the necessary skills, I would, of course, volunteer. he said, agreeing that at first he did not understand why this operation had not been started earlier.

– Yes, of course, there were no conditions, we were not ready. – he said.

Slave labor, information vacuum, poor nutrition Booth called not the heaviest elements of his imprisonment in one of the most secure American prisons. According to him, the most difficult thing for him “was the inability to communicate with loved ones and loved ones for a long time.” He was only allowed to call his family once a month.

Viktor Bout especially thanked all those who have written letters to him over the years. Words of support flew to America from various parts of Russia, near and far abroad.

Booth spent three whole years in solitary confinement. And found the strength deal with that too.

“I somehow came across an interesting book in which there was a very interesting postulate that the conditions are basically neutral, our attitude makes them either very negative or positive,” he said. – The only way out was to say: well, I’ll panic, but what will change from this? It won’t help.

This approach gave him strength. As well as positive emotions, a special technique added – every morning Victor forced himself to laugh.

Victor Book was arrested and handed over to the US in 2008.

Victor Book was arrested and handed over to the US in 2008.

A photo: REUTERS

He compares what happened to him with the situation in which the West is trying to put Russia.

– Everything that happened to me is happening to our country now. – Bout stated, recalling that even the judge who led his trial recognized that the Russian entrepreneur is just an entrepreneur who has not done anything illegal.

During the years spent in an American prison, from communication with other prisoners, the Russian learned inside out of american life. So, in schools, army canteens and prisons, the same dishes are served on the same days; school, military and prison terminology are almost identical; gender diversity is encouraged not only in schools, but also in prisons – both there and there you can change your gender without any problems.

“What is happening in the West is simply a suicide of civilization,” he says, predicting that if this is not prevented, then our entire planet will “commit suicide.”

He also spoke about some details of the procedure for his exchange for the American basketball player Britney Griner. According to Bout, all this was unexpected and classified to such an extent that he had no idea about the imminent return to his homeland. When leaving the prison, Viktor Bout did not take his personal belongings with him, including the most valuable and most important for him – photographs of his wife, daughter and mother. But he put the last few issues of Komsomolskaya Pravda in his pocket, calling Komsomolskaya Pravda one of his favorite newspapers in an interview.

For many years, Komsomolskaya Pravda, albeit with long delays, delivered to American prisons to Viktor Bout, as well as to recently returned home pilot Konstantin Yaroshenko.


After the exchange of Britney Griner for Viktor Bout: Who is Paul Whelan, whom America now wants to return from a Russian prison

The US will continue to work on the return of Paul Whelan to America from a Russian prison (details)


Exchange of the year. Booth had 11 more years to serve, Brittney Greiner 9 years (more)

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