Intersectoral cluster for the development of electric transport appeared in Moscow

A unified platform for the development of projects in the field of electric vehicles has been created in the capital.

The new intersectoral association will operate on the basis of the Moscow Innovation Cluster (MIK). It already includes about 40 research, production and other organizations. Both companies and individual entrepreneurs can join them.

“Among the participants of the Moscow electric vehicle cluster are representatives of the transport industry, IT companies, electronics developers, suppliers of various equipment and materials. They will create components and technologies for the mass production and maintenance of cars, trucks, electric buses. At the same time, the efforts of engineers and entrepreneurs will be directed to development of related infrastructure, and the city will provide them with all the necessary support,” said the deputy mayor Natalya Sergunina.

Moscow can become one of the centers of electric vehicle building in Russia. The new cluster will play a significant role in achieving this goal. There are already three projects in the assets of the association participants. The first is dedicated to the creation of a cargo electric van based on the UAZ chassis. The second and third are related to the development of domestic batteries for electric vehicles.

“The city actively promotes the creation and development of technologies in this area. By decision of Sergei Sobyanin, Moscow will hold an electronic tender for the conclusion of an offset contract for the supply of batteries for electric vehicles. Under the agreement, the investor will build a plant within three years, where he will produce such products for urban electric transport and electric vehicles “Moskvich”. At least three billion rubles will be invested in the project,” said Moscow Deputy Mayor for Economic Policy and Property and Land Relations. Vladimir Efimov.

In total, on the basis of the Moscow Innovation Cluster, 15 such intersectoral associations have been created, which include more than 900 organizations. They work on projects in a wide variety of areas, from robotics and medicine to microelectronics and unmanned vehicles.

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