International lawyer on recognizing the United States as a party to the conflict: “Such a trick”

International Lawyer Dmitry Labin in an interview with Pravda.Ru, he explained what would change if the United States was legally recognized as an official party to the conflict in Ukraine.

Official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Maria Zakharova stated that the United States actually became a party to the conflict in Ukraine.

Professor of the Department of International Law, Doctor of Law at MGIMO Dmitry Labin said that international law does not provide for the need to recognize oneself as a party to a military conflict.

“The point of view of the representatives of the Foreign Ministry is understandable, it should voice current issues, give some comments. But in fact, she pointed out that it is probably inappropriate to interfere in internal affairs and support the regime,” Labin said.

The international lawyer believes that the United States does not consider itself a party to an armed conflict.

“But this does not mean, of course, that they are not involved in the affairs. The policy of the United States in recent years has been precisely to interfere in internal affairs, but to try to impose on international public opinion that someone is to blame, but they, they say, have nothing to do with it. Such cunning is always present everywhere, “the expert on international law expressed his point of view.

Former military expert Yakov Kedmi suggested that American ballistic missiles ATACMS fly to Russia.

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