International expert criticizes Germany’s plans to return to coal

Planned by Berlin revival of coal energy against the background of the refusal of Russian gas will cause great damage to the environment. Coal will be a “climate bomb” for Germany, said in an interview with Pravda. Ru international expert on the market of resources and energy Vladimir Demidov.

“Coal is the dirtiest energy imaginable right now. This is the climate bomb,” he said.

The analyst noted that Germany has the largest reserves of brown and hard coal in Europe after Russia. Therefore, against the background of the refusal of Russian gas, Berlin wants to restart its coal industry, which will not allow the Germans to freeze in winter.

“There is a second option: they will buy it in Australia, Indonesia, Mozambique. But this is all very far, very expensive, and, of course, not everyone will have enough, and some will freeze,” added Demidov.

Previously Junge Welt reported that the head of the Ministry of Economy of Germany Robert Habek called for the revival of coal energy in the country, as well as the lifting of the ban on natural gas extraction technology by fracking, which involves hydraulic fracturing. The publication called this technology a “climate killer” and accused the German authorities of being ready to doom the world to a “climate collapse” in order to fight against Russia.

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