Intense fighting for Kupyansk continues, but the situation is critical

On the eve it was reported that the militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine occupied part of the Kupyansk-Uzlovaya station.

military expert Boris Rozhin confirmed that heavy fighting was going on around the city itself.

Earlier project Semyon Pegov WarGonzo, citing sources, stressed that the withdrawal from Kupyansk would give the nationalists more opportunities to attack Liman.

“The enemy is expanding its bridgehead on the eastern bank of the Oskol, occupying part of the Kupyansk-Uzlovaya station and two settlements to the south of it. North of Kupyansk, the enemy is preparing to resume the offensive in order to reach the borders of the LPR. The Oskol front is in critical condition,” writes Rozhin in a column for military correspondent Yuri Kitten.

The militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are trying to advance towards Liman, however, the NM of the Donetsk People’s Republic reported that the approaches to the city were blocked and the enemy could not break through the defenses.

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