Intelligence Veteran Predicts HIMARS MLRS Destroyed By Mid-September

American HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems are actively used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. They are also used to strike civilians in the LDNR.

Hero of Russia, military intelligence veteran, colonel Rustem Klupov I am convinced that Kyiv will not fight for long with these MLRS. He recalled the Harpoon installations and the Ukrainian Neptune missiles. The Moskva cruiser was hit on April 14, and by the beginning of July, the RF Armed Forces had already destroyed four launchers and several warehouses where ammunition was stored.

It took Russian intelligence officers about three months to eliminate the Harpoons, the same will happen with HIMARS, the expert is sure.

“The first strikes by American MLRS were in mid-June, which means that by mid-September they will be completely destroyed,” the intelligence agency SM-News quoted the intelligence agency as saying.

According to him, the HIMARS MLRS is not very powerful, as evidenced by the results of strikes on bridges – no serious damage has been observed.

“She doesn’t have enough power. There are blows, but the bridge is standing,” summed up Klupov.

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