“Intelligence and the training system is more important than the supply of weapons”: the expert told how NATO is fighting against Russia

Most of all they talk about Himers, but the range of deliveries is very wide

Most of all they talk about Himers, but the range of deliveries is very wide

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According to official data PentagonUS spent on military aid Ukraine more $15 billion this year. Which of the weapons supplied to the Kyiv regime played the biggest role on the battlefield? This question is on Radio “Komsomolskaya Pravda” asked Alexander Zhilin, military expert, head of the Center for the Study of Social Applied Problems:

“Most of all they talk about the Hymers (multiple launch rocket systems – ed.), but the range of supplies is very wide,” he replied. – It must be admitted that Ukraine received precision weapons, which greatly complicates the logistics. However, I would not go in cycles in pieces of iron. Another kind of help plays a huge role. Firstly, a number of signs show that the combat planning of the operations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is carried out by NATO representatives. Real-time intelligence is valuable. Secondly, people who had undergone special training in Britain and the USA began to enter the front. For four months the first group of 10 thousand people was preparing, and now their arrival was immediately felt on the battlefield. Four months of training in tactics, shooting and sabotage means something.

American weapons delivered to Ukraine

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