Insurance policies provided the Russian Federation with participation in the investigation of the terrorist attacks on the “SP”

Large European business, in order to receive insurance payments, forced politicians in Germany to allow Gazprom to investigate the explosions at Nord Stream (SP). This means that soon we will hear the truth about the perpetrators of the “casus belli”.

“Gazprom” was allowed to the site of explosions at the “SP”

In Russia, for the first time, the president announced the admission of Gazprom to the site of the explosions on Monday Vladimir Putin.

“Gazprom” was allowed to the site of the explosions at the “Nord Streams”. This is an obvious terrorist attack, an obvious one. It is difficult for us to control this, because it is in the special economic zone of Denmark, Sweden, then Germany,” he said at a press conference after meeting with the presidents of Armenia and Azerbaijan.

According to him, the explosions tore out a pipe 40 meters long, and in total the pipes went 259 meters apart.

“The Europeans, as almost always happens, have shut their mouths, are silent, as if they should be. Despite the fact that this really undermines their interests at the root. Someone else got the audacity to think that Russia itself blew it up,” Putin said .

Information about the admission of Gazprom was confirmed by the Minister of Energy Alexander Novak, who said that “we have just started the inspection, there are no official papers on the results yet.”

It is logical to assume that the unfounded accusation of committing this terrorist act has been dropped from Russia.

Insurers won’t pay out insurance until they figure it out

The matter is simply explained. Insurers declaredthat in the event of “sabotage” by Gazprom itself, the insurance will not take effect, Reuters reports.

Insurance companies would qualify this as an “act of war”, and such actions are not covered by the causes of damage indicated in the signed policies. But if the explosion was provoked terrorist attack or actions “western divisions”, the insurance companies would have to pay. Damage is likely in the hundreds of millions of euros.

Insurers don’t believe in assurances like “highly likely”, they want facts. Therefore, the owner of both threads “SP” – Nord Stream AG, launched its own investigation into “leaks” from a gas pipeline in the Baltic Sea, German media reported. The facts will be looked for very carefully, and Gazprom especially. Actually, nothing personal – just business.

Recall that the total cost of the two gas pipelines is 17 billion euros, and among the members of the concern are a number of large European energy companies, including those from Germany, France, Austria, Holland and England.

We started with the Swedish area of ​​responsibility. U.S. military analysts said on Sunday that radar images captured the movement of the Russian ship Jade, one or more ships of the Swedish Navy, and the German ship Bayreuth.

Who is interested in blowing up “SP”

From the very beginning, the investigation was separate (Germany, Sweden, Denmark), the results were not disclosed, Russia asked to take part, but was refused. It is known today from scattered data that the explosive device was about 500 kg of TNT and damaged both pipes of Nord Stream 2 and one of the two pipes of Nord Stream 1. The size of the cracks varied from seven to 50 meters.

October 1, former head of the Federal Intelligence Service (BND) of Germany August Hanning among those interested in the attacks indicated:

  1. Ukraine, “to harm Russia.”
  2. Poland “because it has already openly stated that these pipes must be destroyed.”
  3. Russia to show “what they are capable of in terms of Western infrastructure.”
  4. The US, whose president said “we can do it” about destroying the pipelines.

French politician, leader of the Patriots political party Florian Filippo wrote on Twitter that “Sweden has the results of an investigation into the sabotage of gas pipelines, but refuses to make them public.

“So we know that this is not Russia. We also know that this was organized by the power (or powers) of NATO! The truth will soon become clear!” Filippo wrote.

USA – customer, Britain and Ukraine performers

Only the United States had the most obvious motives, as well as means and opportunities. One of the goals was to prevent or prevent the governments of some European countries, such as the Czech Republic, Hungary or Germany, due to the expected increase in unrest and pressure from the population, would refuse to support sanctions against Russia and open Nord Stream 2 .

This would bring down the American gas business, which is flourishing before our eyes, and the entire energy sanctions case, designed to eliminate a competitor – the EU. Britain, which has left the European Union, is also interested in the latter.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reported on Monday that the attack was prepared, planned and carried out with the help of the Armed Forces of Ukraine by representatives of the British Navy, located in the city of Ochakiv, Mykolaiv region of Ukraine.

They also recall that after the sabotage on the gas pipelines, the then Minister of Defense of Great Britain Liz Truss sent “It`s done” message to the US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken.

This sabotage was not just a terrorist attack, but rather a belli incident, and this cannot be left without explanation. This is also understood in Germany.

Winter is coming, problems will grow and it will be necessary to explain to our population who did this – deprived the Germans of cheap Russian fuel. It is better to explain and even get compensation. So they will find the customer – not the switchman. Who knows, maybe Poland will be punished with its demands for reparations.

Germany has absolutely nothing to lose – industry stops, people freeze, the European Union is falling apart. Someone has to answer for this. Chancellor Olaf Scholz does not want to answer alone.

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