Instructors in driving schools: the temptation is great to “cut down” money

The number of people wishing to obtain a driving license has increased significantly in recent years. The number of driving schools that offer their services to beginners in mastering the intricacies of the road has also increased. However, as practice shows, not all driving schools offer quality services, actually deceiving novice drivers who have paid money for training.

According to the traffic police, the lion’s share of all accidents on the roads are arranged by drivers whose driving experience does not exceed three years. It is no coincidence that periodically there are proposals to punish not only the driver, but also the driving school that prepared him. According to the traffic police, most driving schools do not have elementary conditions for quality education:

  • obsolete material,
  • non-compliance with all legal and technical standards,
  • lack of autodromes,
  • old methodological literature, etc.

And as it turned out recently, the level of training and driving experience of instructors leaves much to be desired.

It is worth paying special attention to instructors in driving schools

The results of a recent inspection in the Kemerovo region were shocking. According to the head of the regional traffic police Yuri Movshiy, leaders of Kuzbass driving schools should pay special attention to their instructors. According to him, employees of the traffic police department of the Kemerovo region periodically arrange exams for driving school instructors. And, as practice shows, most of the instructors cannot pass the exam the first time.

“This is an unacceptable situation when the leaders of driving schools allow people who do not know the rules of the road to drive (and even more so teach driving),” Movshin said. “Today, the instructor is not thinking about how to teach his student to drive a car, but about how to help him pass the exam in the traffic police.

However, even this help looks rather peculiar. According to graduates of driving schools, instructors are mostly engaged in explaining to the student why he will not be able to pass the exam in the traffic police and how many banknotes will help solve this problem. Of course, there is no question of any kind of preparation. Moreover, other instructors consciously lead the student to make the decision they “need”:

  • reduce the time and number of classes,
  • do not indicate mistakes, etc.

Recently, employees of the operational-search unit of the BEP at the Internal Affairs Directorate for Rostov-on-Don detained a 27-year-old individual entrepreneur who is engaged in practical driving training. When one of the future drivers who had been trained by him passed an internal exam and asked how he should continue to take the exam for a driver’s license, the instructor categorically assured the car applicant that he would not pass the exam on his own in the traffic police.

  • “The teacher found a ‘Solomonic solution’: why tempt fate, if you can pay the police officers 5,000 rubles and have a driver’s license already in your pocket. Naturally, the instructor himself volunteered to be an intermediary in this matter.”

The student contacted the police. Further, the operatives acted according to the traditional scheme. As a result, a criminal case was initiated against the enterprising instructor under articles 30 and 291 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Incitement to give a bribe.”

Driving instructors themselves violate traffic rules

However, there are quite a few situations when autoinstructors themselves violate traffic rules. Recently, in Ryazan, a driving school instructor knocked down a pedestrian near a public transport stop. And a few years ago in Chelyabinsk there was a glaring incident: a training car hit an 11-year-old girl, but the instructor, together with the student, preferred to escape from the scene. Subsequently, the culprit was detained, but the punishment was more than mild: he was deprived of a driver’s license for a period of one year, and no action was taken at all against a driving school recruiting such employees.

Meanwhile, the application of the most severe sanctions is stipulated by law. In the license issued by the Ministry of Education, everything is detailed:

  • which categories
  • how many cadets and in what terms can train,
  • what should be the equipment, visual aids, requirements for a training vehicle, professional level of masters and teachers.

However, although traffic police officers periodically carry out “demonstrative flogging”, depriving a license of one or another driving school, the example is not for the future. The temptation to “cut down” money in an easy way is too great. Moreover, few of the students of driving schools find the courage to turn to law enforcement agencies.

Evgeny Trifonov


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