Instructor mobilized: everyone must be confident in their weapons

Reserve servicemen continue to come to the military commissariats. According to Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, out of the required 300,000, more than 200,000 have been mobilized. All of them are already being coordinated at the country’s training grounds.

“Most citizens arrive at the military registration and enlistment offices to clarify military registration documents on their own, without waiting for summonses. Reserve officers with combat experience also arrive. Many of them have not received a summons, but on their own, guided by a sense of duty, they clarify the need for their accounting specialty, ”the Russian Ministry of Defense commented on the footage.

The military department noted that a lot of work is currently being carried out with citizens who wish to conclude a contract and volunteer to participate in a special military operation. Among them are many drivers, auto mechanics, weapons repairmen and other civilian professionals.

At the ranges, servicemen fulfill the standards for shooting from small arms, restore their skills in the operation and maintenance of weapons, communications equipment, military and special equipment. They are trained in NBC protection, engineering, tactical, medical and other training in specialties.

All servicemen fulfill the standards for shooting from small arms and grenade launchers, restore their skills in the operation and maintenance of weapons, military and special equipment. With them, firing is carried out from the standard armament of T-72B3 tanks and infantry fighting vehicles BPM-2 and BMP-3, as well as cannon artillery.

Soldiers remember not only how to shoot, but also how to move as part of the units.

“I can’t sit at home, I see that the brothers are working, the guys are working. I decided to go back and sign a contract, study, go to the front line to help in any way I can. Preparations are in full swing. Everyone is prepared very intensively and very well trained. The instructors are generally great. How to attack the enemy. How to defend. All this is explained, all this is shown by their personal example…”, the mobilized Magomed told reporters.

Magomed resigned at the end of the contract, but when partial mobilization was announced, without hesitation, he went to the military registration and enlistment office. The man has the experience of military operations behind his back, but he admits that he had not seen such intensity before.

All instructors are career officers, they not only teach how to handle weapons, interact with comrades, but also convey personal combat experience.

“Everyone must be confident in their weapons. He will not be confident in himself and his weapon – there will be no victory, ”one of the instructors repeats to contract soldiers.

Roman participated in the second Chechen company. He tells how the training takes place at the training ground: “They explain the RKhBZ, explain how to clear mines, how to set traps, how to find them, how to shoot from any type of weapon,” says mobilized Roman.

On the footage of the Ministry of Defense, you can see how fresh replenishment of contract soldiers receive uniforms at the Kirillovsky training ground in the Leningrad Region. Not only logisticians, but psychologists work with them in the military unit.

After all, in order to comprehend military science and win, you need a clear motivation and attitude.

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