Instagram Reels and Music are now available in Ukraine

Instagram Reels and Music are now available in Ukraine.

According to Ukrinform, Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov announced this in his Telegram.

“Instagram launched Reels back in 2020. This feature has become popular in the world, but it did not work to its fullest for us. Over the next weeks, all videos under 15 minutes will receive Reels creative tools. Instagram Music was born in 2018. But it was not available to Ukrainian users. Now we can add music to stories in a few clicks from the vast music library of Instagram,” said Fedorov.

According to him, for more than a year the team of the Ministry of Digital Development has been negotiating with the management of Meta regarding the launch of these functions. Finally, they are available to all Ukrainians. “Now there will be more content from Ukraine. And this means that more people in the world will learn about the courage of our people,” he added.

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Fedorov thanked Meta for this important step and for supporting Ukraine. “I hope we will soon forget about the problems with the moderation of Ukrainian content,” he said.

As Ukrinform reported, in July, the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine asked Meta to improve the moderation of Ukrainian content in order to avoid deleting and blocking Ukrainian bloggers on social networks.

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