Information bomb from military secrets

British intelligence shared with Kyiv secret information allegedly obtained from an “informant” recruited in Moscow.

Unfamiliar with the concept of “military secrets,” the Office of the Ukrainian President instantly made an “information bomb” out of the MI6 message. And now the biased Banking Telegram channels unanimously talk about the fact that the Russian military is preparing a “massive missile attack on Ukraine’s military and energy infrastructure.”

With reference to British intelligence, they write that in the very near future “more than 100 missiles will arrive to cause the effect of mass destruction and panic.”

Most of all, they say, Lvov will get it, because there, allegedly – this is already information from Ukrainian “sources” – the US military center is working, “correcting the actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.” By the way, this “center” in Ukraine was first talked about six months ago. Then they said that 50 American military instructors work in it, whose “recommendations” are not discussed and are subject to unquestioning execution.

The “news” is accelerating with photos and video footage of Russian trains going “towards Ukraine”.

These frames are accompanied by messages that “Russia is strengthening a military group from”Iskanderov“.

By the way, it was precisely these missiles that arrived at military facilities in Odessa today. And not a single one of them has yet been able to bring down the air defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – they fly exactly where they were sent, and destroy what was planned.

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