Inflation in Russia suddenly slowed down: what products have risen in price and fallen the most in a week

Photo: Ivan MAKEEV

On New Year’s Eve, Rosstat surprised with a positive: according to the latest data, annual inflation in Russia is only 12.35%. Where is the positive here, you ask? And here’s where: the fact is that a week ago, annual inflation was 12.65%. It turns out that price growth in Russia has begun to slow down, and this is a very unusual phenomenon for winter.

And over the week, according to the latest report from Rosstat, prices generally rose by only 0.02%. For this we say thanks to vegetables and root crops. Rather, a wonderful harvest this year. There is no shortage of domestic vegetables, it is not yet necessary to import a lot of imported food, and therefore the gifts of nature are becoming more expensive very slowly. According to Rosstat, prices for fruits and vegetables increased by 1.5% over the week (this is really not enough for winter). Cucumbers, carrots, and onions rose the most among fruits and vegetables (for more details, see “Only numbers”). And cabbage is generally our favorite vegetable this year. Even though it has risen in price by 1.5% over the week, but since the beginning of the year it has already fallen in price by more than two times. And potatoes and beets have fallen in price by a third since the beginning of the year.

But not just potatoes. According to Rosstat, many non-food products have fallen in price over the past week, such as vacuum cleaners, toothpaste, soap and smartphones. True, not much – on average by a percentage or less.

What to expect next? And here on this question, unfortunately, the positive ends. In just a couple of weeks, the ruble exchange rate fell by almost 20%. This means prices will rise soon. And this applies not only to smartphones with vacuum cleaners, but also to vegetables. Toward the middle (and even more so the end) of winter, the stocks of Russian carrots and potatoes will run out and we will carry imported goods at a new, higher dollar rate.


What went up the most in a week…

Cucumbers + 3.85%

Carrot + 3.64%

Onion + 3.25%

Beets + 3.02%

Cabbage + 1.45%

Potato + 1.41%

Bananas + 1.16%

…and cheaper

Air ticket in economy class – 9.13%

Sugar – 1.66%

Smartphone – 1.55%

Buckwheat – 1.2%

Sweets – 0.9%

Particle boards – 0.88%

Vacuum cleaner – 0.58%

According to Rosstat as of December 21.

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