Indexation of maternity capital in 2022: how payments for children in Russia will grow

The Ministry of Labor calculated how much they can allocate to young families

The Ministry of Labor calculated how much they can allocate to young families

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In the coming years, the size maternal (family) capital will rise sharply. Indexing is supposed to be significant. It will have to cover the growing costs of young families due to high inflation. This has been the law since December last year.

To the Ministry of Labor suggest that the amount of maternity capital next year should increase by 17.5%, according to RBC. This is the inflation forecast, which was made a month ago by the Ministry of Economic Development and the Central Bank. Since then, the pace of price growth has not only slowed down – the cost of goods has fallen for the fifth week in a row.

The government is already reviewing its inflation forecasts. It will most likely be lower. Therefore, the indexation of mother capital may not be so significant. Specific figures will be specified at the end of the year. But in any case, the increase will either be at or slightly above inflation.

Recall that from 2020, mother capital is provided not only for the second child, but also for the first child. But it can only be used for certain purposes. Among them: the purchase of housing (including mortgages), the education of children, the retirement savings of the mother. In addition, if the family has low incomes, some of this money can be used for current needs.

The size of the mother capital now and how it will grow


According to the Ministry of Finance and preliminary calculations of the Ministry of Labor.

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