In words – Russophobes, but in reality – I want to eat: it is revealed how Europe bypasses its own sanctions

Europe invents sanctions against Russia, and then looks for ways to circumvent them

Europe invents sanctions against Russia, and then looks for ways to circumvent them

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Oh, those sanctions! Everyone is probably aware that since August 1, the European Union has banned the import of coal from Russia. Say, I freeze, but I do not give up. But if you dig deep enough, I’m sure it will turn out that coal from Russia continues to flow to the EU countries. And it is quite clear how. The European anti-sanctioners are actually the schemers. And goods from Europe that are under sanctions continue to enter Russia, as well as vice versa.

For example, Italy is a country that is at the forefront of European anti-Russian sanctions. That she has already come back to haunt the resignation of the Prime Minister. But if you look at Italy’s foreign trade figures, it’s hard not to notice one curious feature. Last June, the amount of exports from Italy to Turkey amounted to 1.4 billion euros, which is more than almost 500 million in other months, for example, the same February. A mysterious phenomenon, especially if you take into account the devaluation of the Turkish lira, due to which exports from Italy to Turkey have risen in price very much. And, by all economic logic, this cannot be. The purchasing power of the population and Turkish companies has decreased, and they began to buy one and a half times more. And in annual terms, it is 87% more than last year. Despite the fact that over the past year, the Turkish lira has depreciated by almost half.

Over such a riddle, many Nobel laureates in economics could break their heads if the solution to the phenomenon was not literally nearby. During the same month, June, a literally stunning record was set by the volume of exports from Turkey to Russia. And, here’s an amazing coincidence, the volume of Turkish exports to Russia in June exceeded the usual monthly figures by more than $400 million. Here we should also take into account that the euro began to cost less than the dollar, albeit not by much.

One would like to ask, who is this magician who was able to increase foreign trade indicators so powerfully? But everyone already understood. As they say, the chest just opened, and sanctions are sanctions, but you always want to eat. And preferably more delicious.

So the Italians have to go through intermediaries in order to earn for themselves the money that they are used to receiving from the Russian market. I am sure that if you look at the trade balance of the same Italy with other countries, then suddenly it turns out that imports from some other country have increased sharply. In which, it is possible, deposits of minerals were unexpectedly found, in particular, oil and the same coal.

True, geologists do not know anything about such discoveries, but business, apparently, is actively exploiting them.

Absolutely in parallel with the sanctions. Both with existing packages and in the course of inventing new ones. Because, as folk wisdom says, water will find a hole, and business will find an opportunity to satisfy demand, especially if the product suddenly turns out to be in short supply.

And you say sanctions. Who needs sanctions. And who needs something else – those opportunities for earning profit out of thin air.


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