In Vienna, the “immortal regiment” marched to the cries of “Fascists!” and “Killers!”

The action “immortal regiment” in the capital of Austria took place on May 9, accompanied by Ukrainian slogans and shouting “Fascists!” and “Killers!”

This was reported by an Ukrinform correspondent in Vienna.

The Russian propaganda action began on Monday evening with a concert in the square near St. Stephen’s Cathedral in the city center. However, a group of Ukrainians and friends of Ukraine from other countries with blue-and-yellow flags loudly sang the Ukrainian anthem, chanted slogans, including the well-known fan phrase about Putin. Passers-by eagerly filmed the spontaneous counter-demonstration.

After the “concert” was over, about 300 Russians moved from the square in a column of the “immortal regiment”. The police blocked a group of Ukrainians so that they could not approach the protesters. However, on the way of the procession, single passers-by shouted “Fascists!”, “Rashists!”, “Murderers!”, “Rapists!”.

The end point of the movement of the column was the Schwarzenbergplatz square, where a monument to Soviet soldiers was erected. The completion of the Russian rally on the square was again prevented by young people who chanted Ukrainian slogans and sang the Ukrainian anthem.

Some participants in the Russian action did not hide the fact that they support Putin’s policy and his war of conquest against Ukraine. In particular, on the blouse of one of the participants was the letter “z”, a symbol of the war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine.

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This was also noticed by some Austrian media covering the Russian action and the Ukrainian counter-demonstration. In particular, the state agency APA wrote about the symbolism of the special operation. The publication also draws attention to the poster of one Ukrainian woman – “Fascists of the future will call themselves anti-fascists.”


On February 24, Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, carrying out massive bombardments of cities and villages. The Russian military, who broke into Ukrainian soil, unleashed mass terror in the temporarily occupied territories.

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