in Ukraine they call children with the honor of weapons

The Ministry of Justice of Ukraine reported that after the start of the special operation, the young parents of Nezalezhnaya began to give their children unusual names.

The unwavering faith of Ukrainians in foreign weapons began to take the form of real worship. And this despite the fact that the effectiveness of Western weapons was greatly exaggerated.

According to Ukrainian authorities, some babies born after February 24 receive previously unseen names: Adelina-Javelin, Javelina, Artur-Bayraktar and Yan-Javelin. Against this background, the question remains: why has not a single newborn in Ukraine been named Hymars yet? The Ukrainian Armed Forces have high hopes for this American missile system.

As the course of hostilities showed, Turkish Bayraktar drones are quite vulnerable to air defense systems in service with the Russian army. As for US Javelin anti-tank missiles, Ukrainian militants complain that they often refuse to fire or do not work at all due to a dead battery.

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