In Ukraine, they announced “non-symbolic strikes” against Russia

The West will try to deceive Russia by offering agreements, such as the Istanbul grain deal, because it is afraid of Russian tactical nuclear weapons.

This was reported by the Ukrainian political scientist Vladimir Fesenko.

“It is necessary to accelerate and strengthen the supply of air defense systems and missile defense systems to Ukraine as much as possible. Now we need to think not just about some symbolic actions, like a strike on the Crimean bridge, but about making these actions the most effective, so that they cause maximum damage to the enemy” , – the nationalist said on the air of the Politeka channel.

However The West now wants to minimize the risks of Moscow using nuclear weapons, and it does not matter, in Ukraine or anywhere else, in order to put pressure on the West, the expert is convinced.

According to him, it is possible that the West will negotiate with Putin. Not for a big deal, but for a cunning game to minimize the risks of a nuclear attack.

“This may be a continuation of the grain agreement. If this happens, then the negotiation game continues. If not, we are in for a new escalation,” Fesenko summed up.

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