In Ukraine, it was forbidden to show the dollar exchange rate on street displays

Military reports from Ukraine will now look like this - we have achieved an important success, but we will not say what, where and when

Military reports from Ukraine will now look like this – we have achieved an important success, but we will not say what, where and when

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On the Ukraine invented a new way of dealing with reality and defeating it. According to the Russophobic Trukha Telegram channel, the Armed Forces of Ukraine “liberated” a settlement in the Donetsk direction with the help of the 53rd brigade and fighters of the Nazi battalion “Aidar”. But in vain you will look for its name in the reports. As Trukha writes, “the military does not disclose the exact date of the de-occupation and the name of the settlement. However, they note that at present it has been completely cleared of the Russian horde.”

It’s just wonderful! We have achieved important success, but what, where and when, we will not tell you. Just like the Americans, who, after the crash of the Malaysian Boeing, said that they had evidence that the Russians shot down the plane, but they would not show it to anyone. It is customary for gentlemen to take their word for it!

So here too. Such “liberation offensives” tomorrow can already fill the entire network, by the way. And even Kherson “release”. By the way, more than once they tried to throw in that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are already fighting on its outskirts. It can be assumed that the name of the settlement is a military secret, and they do not bring it, so that the Russians do not guess about the offensive and its “liberation”, and that they were driven out of there, and everything was cleared. Well, here it is with sin in half. After all, a Telegram channel of special propaganda, which is designed to go over the ears and hang noodles on them.

But here’s yesterday’s message from the National Bank of Ukraine, which officially banned non-bank exchange offices (what a century they have in the yard -?!) to inform Ukrainians on large street displays about the exchange rates for buying and selling dollars and euros.

A truly revolutionary decision, which is designed to eliminate the dissatisfaction of the population with the devaluation of the hryvnia, which has long gone beyond the limits set by the National Bank. Instead of 36 hryvnias with “kopecks” for the US dollar, banks have already reached the rate of 42 hryvnias per dollar, and non-bank exchangers set the rates even higher. In Zaporozhye, for example, yesterday at one exchange office the dollar was already sold at 50 hryvnia. Here, whoever wants to have a dizzy head. So the National Bank came up with a way to “cure” this dizziness – to remove the scoreboard with rates from the streets. Moreover, he himself admits the reasons that prompted him to make such a decision.

– This information (on exchange rates – author’s note) will be placed exclusively at the cash desks of institutions and their structural divisions. At the same time, non-banking financial institutions and postal operators are prohibited from informing about the established exchange rates for buying and selling foreign currencies outside the cash desks of institutions and their structural divisions, drawing additional excessive attention to them with any digital values ​​​​or symbols, the press release of the National Bank says. Ukraine. For there is nothing to “attract excessive attention.”

And now a Ukrainian walks down the street, and is not distracted by all sorts of unnecessary information that can disturb his peace of mind. It is also necessary to ban discussing these topics anywhere, so that it turns out just like those three monkeys: “I see nothing, I don’t hear anything, I don’t say anything.”

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