In Ukraine, a million-strong bot farm was exposed, spreading fakes about the authorities

In Ukraine, a million-strong bot farm was exposed, which acted to discredit the top leadership of the state on the order of one of the political forces.

According to Ukrinform, the Office of the Prosecutor General announced this in Telegram.

The bot farm was exposed as part of a criminal investigation into unauthorized interference with the operation of information systems.

According to the investigation, a group of people massively disseminated disinformation via the Internet, in particular, about the activities of the top military-political leadership of Ukraine.

The head of the criminal group turned out to be a citizen of the Russian Federation who lived in Kyiv and positioned himself as a “political expert”.

The attacker organized information and subversive activities by order of one of the political forces. To coordinate his actions, he “was in touch” with the People’s Deputy of Ukraine, who is a close associate of the former leadership of the state.

It was established that the Russian “politekspert” created special software with which the group members automatically managed an unlimited number of anonymous accounts in the most popular social networks.

To mask their activities, the attackers set up appropriate equipment in Kyiv, Kharkov and Vinnitsa. To distribute destructive content, they administered more than a million of their own bots, as well as numerous groups on social networks with an audience of almost 400,000 users.

The propaganda power of the bot farm was also used by representatives of the Russian special services, in particular, through bots they spread fake news about the situation at the front and carried out information sabotage.

Also, the “political expert” has repeatedly personally published destructive propaganda, speaking on media resources controlled by his curators.

During the searches, law enforcement officers seized the hardware and software complex that ensured the operation of the bot farm, 5,000 SIM cards that were used to create and subsequently maintain technical accounts, as well as 200 proxy servers to spoof IP addresses and avoid blocking relevant Internet resources.

According to the Security Service of Ukraine, criminal proceedings have been opened under Part 2 of Art. 361 (unauthorized interference in the operation of information (automated), electronic communication, information and communication systems, electronic communication networks) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

Investigative and operational actions to bring to justice all the organizers of the bot farm continue.

As Ukrinform reported, at the request of the SBU, almost 500 pro-Russian Youtube channels with fakes about “biological laboratories” and radio-controlled geese, which had more than 15 million subscribers, were blocked.

Photo: Office of the Prosecutor General

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