In Tyumen, employers promise employees a reservation from mobilization

They are trying to attract residents of the Tyumen region to work with a promise to give a respite from partial mobilization.

Announcements of similar vacancies with a “bonus” can be found on job search sites. Such a promise helps employers quickly find the right employee.

Earlier, the Crimean authorities proposed ban on leaving the Russian Federation military men.

Reservations against partial mobilization are promised by Konstruktsiya LLC. The company is looking for an overhead crane operator, a mechanical assembly worker, and a shop foreman. Employees are promised a salary of up to 60 thousand rubles.

According to the publication, a deferment from the call for mobilization is also listed in the announcements of the Mostostroy-11 company. They need an IT project specialist in the construction industry. The company “Tyumen Pribor” promises its future engineers, electricians, circuit designers, software engineers and the head of the operation department the same longed-for bonus – a guarantee against receiving a subpoena.

How exactly employers intend to defend the right of their employees to make a reservation is not reported.

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