In total, 8 fugitives from Cereso 3 in Ciudad Juárez have been recaptured, four of them dead

"the net" and another 29 people escaped from the Ciudad Juárez prison on January 1, 2023. (REUTERS / José Luis González)
“El Neto” and 29 other people escaped from the Ciudad Juárez prison on January 1, 2023. (REUTERS / José Luis González)

After almost two weeks of intense operations and deployment of security elements, the Chihuahua State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) reported that they have been reapprehended. eight of the 30 inmates who escaped from the Ciudad Juárez prison.

Through a statement, the institution shared an account of the results obtained in the search efforts implemented after the massive escape registered on January 1, 2023 at the State Center for Social Reintegration. (Ceresus) No. 3.

As of the night of January 12, four people deprived of their liberty who were being held in said prison had been recaptured alive.

The first escapee who fell into the hands of justice was Isaac Jesus Rojas Ruiz, 30 years old, on January 5. That day, prosecutor Roberto Fierro reported that during his arrest a .40 caliber pistol and a portion of the drug known as “cristal” were seized.

Ever Armando Villegas González, aka the Chavelowas arrested on the night of January 7 in the town San Isidro District Bravos. I was going aboard a vehicle when identified by authorities; they secured a package with 17.6 grams of glass and a .223 caliber rifle type firearmas well as a charger stocked with 15 useful cartridges of the same caliber.

Additionally, the Ministry of Public Security (SSP) detained on January 12 a Carlos Guadalupe Altamirano, aka The Chewalready 29 years old Raúl Alfonso López Moriel, aka The Pachas33 years old.

Both were recaptured during an operation in the Kilometer 29 neighborhood of Ciudad Juárez in which a corporation helicopter participated. In the same way, the security agents detained two more subjects who were not part of the list of escaped inmates.

Since the escape from Cereso No. 3 in the border city, six ppl have lost their lives in their attempt not to return to the prison. The first death, considered the most relevant in this case, was that of Ernesto Alfredo Pinon de la Cruz, the netleader of Los Mexicles, a criminal gang that would have orchestrated the attack on the prison.

the net died on Thursday, January 5, four days after having regained his freedom, after a fight with state and federal forces. After being located, he tried to flee and confronted the security agents. During the confrontation he was injured and lost his life while being transferred to the Prosecutor’s Office.

The leader of Los Mexicles died after a confrontation with security agents.  (Special)
The leader of Los Mexicles died after a confrontation with security agents. (Special)

On the night of January 7, at the same time that he was reapprehended the Chaveloauthorities located Ivan Daniel Acosta Flores in the neighborhood Parajes de San Isidro. He, however, was found dead. Due to the injuries that he presented at the time of being located, it was reported that he died as a result of an armed attack.

Regarding the other two ppl found dead, the Prosecutor’s Office reserved all information regarding their identity, as well as the circumstances in which their bodies were detected, since their relatives have not gone to the Public Ministry to identify them. However, they confirmed that they were included in the escape list thanks to their fingerprints.

With this latest update on the investigations, authorities still looking for 22 of the people who left the Cd. Juárez prisonwhere a brutal wave of violence was unleashed possibly related to the return of members of Los Mexicles to the streets.


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