“In Tlatelolco we do not forget”: CCU condemned the presence of the National Guard in the CDMX Metro


The accidents in the Subway from Mexico City, one of the most used transports in the capital, have made a dent in the popularity of the head of the capital’s government, Claudia Sheinbaumespecially after the clash between two units in the line 3 who left more than 50 people injured and one dead.

Faced with this situation, it was expected that the capital’s officials announce increased investment in infrastructure of the Collective Transportation System (STC) Metro, on the other hand, the metro stations were filled with elements of the National Guard performing surveillance tasks.

This after Sheinbaum Pardo’s announcement on Thursday morning that they would be deployed 6 thousand 60 agents of the security corporation in the Metro stations to take care of the integrity of the passengers.

“Yesterday afternoon I allowed myself to speak with the President of the Republic and request the presence of the National Guard in the Mexico City Metro, this was accepted”, informed the capital’s president and candidate for the candidacy for the presidency of Mexico.

On the other hand, he also recognized that they were atypical incidents in the first days of the year, which he classified as out of the ordinary, implying that it was a sabotage against his administration.

However, this strategy has been widely rejected by politicians, journalists and society in general. Such was the case of the University Cultural Center (UCC) Taltelolco, who published on social networks that they rejected the presence of the army.

“In Tlatelolco we do not forget, we reject the presence of the army in the subway”

Said comment, accompanied by an image of a National Guard at the Taltelolco station on Line 3, alludes to the episode of student repression experienced on October 2, 1968 at the hands of the army during the administration of Gustavo Díaz Ordaz.

The building was built by Pedro Ramirez Vasquez to house the Ministry of Foreign Relations (SRE), and which has been the headquarters of the Tlatelolco University Cultural Center (CCU) since 2007. Before, this site was the site of the Supreme Military Court and there are memorials to the traumatic episode of 1968.

The elements of the GN began to arrive at the CDMX Metro since the deployment was announced.  (MARIO JASSO/CUARTOSCURO)
The elements of the GN began to arrive at the CDMX Metro since the deployment was announced. (MARIO JASSO/CUARTOSCURO)

Other criticisms came from Senator lilly tellez who accused that there are areas of the country where there is not a single National Guard asset, while six thousand troops were assigned to the STC to “satisfy the paranoia of sabotage”.

“The CDMX Metro is going to have more elements of the GN than the state of Sonora, which is burning with violence,” he accused.

And it is that according to data from the Ministry of National Defense (sedena) submitted on January 3, 2023, a total of 128 thousand national guards.

Of which Tamaulipas has barely two thousand 665 national guards. The entity is under siege by multiple cells emanating from the Gulf Cartel (such as the Northeast Cartel) and the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG).

While sinaloawhich has experienced moments of severe violence such as the one derived from the recapture of Ovidio Guzmán, The Mouse on January 5, up to the date the agency’s report was submitted, had three thousand 989 elements of the National Guard.


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