In three months it will be possible to talk about the surrender of the United States

The platform on which the United States stands will be completely destroyed in three months. Then it will be possible to talk about the surrender of the United States.

Political scientist and economist are convinced of this Mikhail Khazin.

Washington’s main problem today is the uncontrolled fall of the economy. According to the expert, in the coming years and USA, and many countries of the “collective West” will stagnate, and the economy will fall by 9 percent every year. And stop this fall is not possible.

“They cannot fix the situation – it is impossible to negotiate with anyone if the platform on which you negotiate collapses in three months,” the economist explained in the program. Vladimir Solovyov.

Of course, the Russian Federation also has economic problems, but there is no such a 9 percent drop in the economy in Russia, Khazin noted. And this is the advantage. The question is whether the Russian Federation will be able to use it or will continue to comply with the requirements of the International Monetary Fund, the observer emphasized.

If Russia uses the advantage, then the surrender of the United States will be an obvious scenario, the economist concluded.

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