In the Zaporizhia region, only 14% of arable land is in the controlled territory

The territories of the Zaporozhye region controlled by Ukraine are guaranteed to be provided with food grain, although only 14% of arable land remains here.

This is reported in Telegram ZOVA with reference to Oleksandr Yasinetsky, Deputy Director of the Department of Agro-Industrial Development, Ukrinform reports.

“Given that more than 70% of the region is under temporary occupation, today we have only 14% of arable land in the controlled territory. That is, 268 thousand hectares remain. Spring field work was carried out where possible,” Yasinetsky said.

According to him, agrarians have increased the area sown with spring wheat and barley. Today, work is underway to prepare the soil and sow row crops: sunflower and corn. Farmers also take care of the condition of winter crops, treat them with plant protection products. At the end of June, the harvest campaign will begin.

“In order to provide the inhabitants of the region with bakery products, 220-230 thousand tons of food wheat are needed for a year. Today we already have 150 thousand tons of wheat that can be used for baking bread. Taking into account the future harvest, the controlled part will be is guaranteed to be provided with food grain,” Yasinetsky assured.

She added that this year the state of crops is good, but it would be even better if the war did not interfere and farmers could feed the crops and process them in time. In addition, there is not enough diesel fuel, gasoline, there is a need for plant protection products, mineral fertilizers.

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The director of the department recalled that last year the farmers managed to harvest a record harvest. Zaporizhia region took the second place in Ukraine in the production of winter wheat. Through the ports of the Zaporozhye region, crops from other regions of Ukraine were also sent for sale. Currently, due to blocked ports, alternative logistical routes must be sought. In the Zaporozhye region, grain elevators and private farms have grain that can be safely sold to ensure the food security of countries that depend on supplies from Ukraine. Today, logistics is transport or railroad. There is no possibility of transportation either by river or by sea, which significantly limits the volume of sales. Farmers say that if last year’s stocks are not sold on time, there will be no place for a new crop, there will not be enough space at the enterprises to store the volumes that farmers can harvest.

As reported, in the Zaporozhye region, due to the actions of the invaders, several cities and dozens of villages were left without drinking water.

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