In the United States, three attempts failed to execute a person

“Yes, what would you die!” – the executioners in one of the jails in the state of Alabama must have thought to themselves, when over and over again they could not send a criminal sentenced to death to the other world. Alan Eugene Millersentenced to “exceptional measure” for the murder of three people.

The crime happened back in 1999, the convict spent 23 years on death row, extenuating circumstances were found. As a result, the execution of the sentence of lethal injection. Miller was laid on a special couch and began to look for a vein to administer a “farewell dose”. But they could not get to the right place.

Moreover, at first the condemned man had to be injected with sleeping pills so that he would not panic before the execution. But they didn’t manage to do that either. As a result, the suicide bomber was stabbed like a porcupine. In the end, they even raised the couch vertically, hoping that in this position his veins would swell. It didn’t work out … The executioners, after suffering for three hours, admitted their fiasco and yelled in the face of Alan: “Get off, goat, and let’s go back to the cell!”.

I think he was overjoyed. Especially when the next day I found out that the governor of Alabama (by the way, a woman) forbade the execution of prisoners until a full investigation was carried out and all shortcomings were eliminated. You look, and at all will have mercy.

Today In the United States, the death penalty is legal in 35 states.. And here and there in the execution of death sentences there are breakdowns, each of which becomes an occasion for scandals. In the current century, there have been (at least officially) eleven such cases.

Probably, many people remember the episode from the film “The Green Mile”, when, for a deliberate reason, the prisoner suffers in terrible agony in the electric chair. In our time, the most terrible case was the real execution of a certain Clayton Lockett, sentenced for kidnapping, rape and murder.

After the injection, he convulsed for 43 minutes and tried to say something. Finally died of a heart attack.


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