In the United States, they told how Russia can beat Washington in its “backyard”

The American edition of The Wall Street Journal published a text whose author, Kyle Isakover, believes that the United States is in for a geopolitical catastrophe if President Joe Biden bans oil export and oil products to the allies.

Since gas prices in the US are high, current administration is considering imposing an embargo on overseas energy supplies. In addition, Democratic lawmakers have been insisting on this since last year, RIA Novosti quotes an article.

However, according to Isakover, the oil embargo will not only not help to contain the rise in prices in the United States itself, but will deal a catastrophic blow to the positions of the United States in the world.

The author of the article points out that USA is the largest exporter of petroleum products with a 12.1 percent share of the global market.

“The ban will bring this figure to zero. Who is in second place? Russia with 9.9 percent. Does it seem like a good idea to cut off trade relations with our allies in the Americas, leaving them no choice but to forge stronger ties with Russia?” Isakover asked.

In his opinion, in the event of an embargo, neighboring states are highly likely to replace American imports with Russian ones. And then Washington will lose geopolitical influence in its own “backyard”ceding it to Russia.

In general, already quite familiar alarmism in the spirit of “The Russians are coming!” In reality, of course, things are much more complicated.

Recall now Washington actively promotes restrictions on the price of Russian oil. In the US, they want the restriction to be introduced by December. US officials believe that a complete ban on oil imports from Russia will lead to a sharp rise in prices. And then Russia will be able to earn even more, even if oil supplies are reduced.

However, many analysts, even in the West, doubt that plans to limit the price of oil have a future.

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