In the United States responded to the claims of Europeans about gas prices

Washington commented on the claims of European politicians and companies about high prices for liquefied natural gaswhich comes from the USA. The reaction is quite possible to describe the words “fool himself.” Although, of course, the commentary was much more verbose.

This is an official comment because U.S. Assistant Secretary of Energy Brad Crabtree spoke on the topic. And according to him, neither the US authorities nor the supplier companies bear any responsibility for the high prices for LNG in Europe, TASS reports.

“Recent accusations in Europe of manipulating the prices of US LNG suppliers” are a “serious problem,” Crabtree said.

He stated that such allegations were “completely unfounded”. “Most of the LNG is produced and exported on the basis of long-term contracts, information about this is distributed openly“, the US official said.

Judging by his comment, American companies are not making any windfall profits at all: “Given that almost all LNG exports from the United States are based on long-term contracts at low prices, the huge profits that are currently being made in the European LNG market, mainly go to non-U.S. international oil companies and energy traderswho own these long-term contracts. These revenues do not go to US LNG producers.”

Brad Crabtree said the US authorities are “deeply concerned” about the impact of high LNG prices on European consumers and the economy. However, “this issue should be resolved between European countries and the largely non-US companies that trade US LNG in European markets,” the official said.

As a way out of this situation, he advised the Europeans to conclude long-term supply contracts directly with US companies. That is, to do what the European Union decided to abandon a few years ago when they decided to stop the practice of concluding long-term contracts.

It must be said that one could assume just such a reaction from Washington to the claims of the Europeans. The maximum that the US authorities could do was to “express concern.” At the same time, in the USA declare non-interference in the activities of commercial companies.

Previously, European politicians and officials have criticized the companies for high natural gas prices. In particular, French President Emmanuel Macron spoke about this. Europeans believe that gas is supplied from the United States four times more expensive than it costs consumers in the United States itself.

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