In the United States doubted the effectiveness of the CIA

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Americans thought about the work of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the United States. Local residents do not understand the benefits of this agency.

The main problem of the CIA is the lack of coordination between covert operations and the collection and analysis intelligence, according to American journalists. The management does not eliminate defects, but creates new offices, spending millions of dollars on this. This was announced in the publication The New Yorker (NY).

American political scientist Amy Zegart in her book Spies, Lies and Algorithms, she listed many miscalculations and scandals related to the CIA and other US intelligence agencies. According to her, after the start of the Cold War, the CIA repeatedly parachuted Ukrainian nationalists across the Soviet border.

Moreover, according to Zegart, CIA agents played a “mysterious role” in the assassination of the US president. John Kennedy. Many failures and great cruelty of the agency’s employees appeared during the years of the war in Vietnam and Iran.

According to the authors of NY, there is much more negative in the activities of this organization than positive.

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