In the United States called the main problem of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the tanks transferred by the West

Stocks of T-72 tanks are almost over in Western countries. Therefore, they are forced to transfer Ukrainian army combat vehicles based on the T-55, but the Armed Forces of Ukraine do not have ammunition for them. Writes about it Military Watch Magazine.

Kyiv will be supplied with Slovenian M-55 tanks built on the basis of similar Soviet vehicles, the publication specifies. They are distinguished by an upgraded engine and armor, as well as a NATO-standard 105mm cannon.

According to the authors of the article, the usefulness of the M-55 remains highly questionable for Ukraine due to the caliber of its main gun, which is incompatible with the types of ammunition available.

Experts explained that the West had to start transferring such specific weapons to Kyiv after US allies in Eastern Europe almost completely ran out of T-72 tanks.

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