In the temporarily captured cities of Zaporozhye, entrepreneurs are forced to trade for rubles

In the temporarily captured cities of Zaporozhye, the “administrations” appointed by the enemies require entrepreneurs to trade for rubles and set “currency rates”: 2-2.5 rubles. for 1 hryvnia

About this in Telegram The press service of the Zaporizhia Regional Military District, Ukrinform reports.

“In Vasilievka, the occupation administration approved the exchange rate at the level of 10 hryvnias for 25 rubles. They also report that if entrepreneurs refuse to sell goods for rubles, they will have a preventive conversation,” the report says.

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The “head of the military-civilian administration” of the Zaporozhye region, appointed by the invaders, the deputy of the Zaporizhzhya Regional Council Yevgeny Balitsky in Melitopol, ordered business entities to use both the hryvnia and rubles for settlements from May 20, and non-cash payments to be carried out only in rubles. The traitor also approved the exchange rate: 2 rubles for 1 hryvnia.

As Ukrinform reported, in the temporarily occupied Melitopol, the Russian invaders began issuing 10,000 rubles to pensioners at the TsPAU in exchange for personal data. Personal data is also exchanged for money in the urban-type settlement of Mikhailovka. In Vasilievka, they announce the distribution of 10 thousand rubles for socially unprotected groups of the population – pensioners and workers budgetary spheres. They are required to have documents with them.

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