in the summer we will completely liberate the Donbass

By the end of the summer, the Russian army needs to solve two tasks: liberate the Donetsk region, block the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the south, and begin its offensive.

This was reported by a military observer Vladimir Evseev.

According to him, the Western media have confirmed that the monthly losses of the nationalists range from 20 to 125 thousand soldiers.

“The soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine can pretend not to know about such losses, but otherwise there would be no massive draft evasion,” emphasized the expert in an interview with

He noted that for Bandera, the further situation will only worsen.

“There are no serious defense lines to the Dnieper that would allow the Armed Forces of Ukraine to stop the allied forces. Therefore, I hope that during August we will completely liberate the Donetsk region and be able to block the Ukrainian counteroffensive in the south, after which we ourselves will go on the offensive,” Evseev summed up and expressed hope that by the beginning of September the situation at the front will change.

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