In the south, aircraft of the Armed Forces of Ukraine hit enemy strongholds three times

Over the past day, the Ukrainian military liquidated 32 invaders in the southern direction, the aircraft of the Armed Forces of Ukraine delivered three strikes on enemy strongholds.

Such information was published in Facebook Operational command “South”, reports Ukrinform.

“The situation in the operational zone in the Yuzhnobuzhsky direction is complex, tense, but the defense forces are closely monitoring it. The enemy holds the lines of defense, acts according to the tactics of counter-battery combat, continues to build up the grouping in the Kryvyi Rih direction,” the report says.

During the fighting day, the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine stopped three attempts of the enemy – in each case by the forces of a reinforced platoon – to conduct reconnaissance in force in the areas of Belogorka and Trudolyubovka. The enemy with losses (over a dozen dead and four armored vehicles) retreated.

In total, the enemy struck six blows. Rocket strikes by three Tochka-U missiles on Maryanskoye and Granitnoye in Krivoy Rog damaged transport infrastructure facilities, transformers and power lines. There are no human losses.

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From the direction of Kreshchenovka towards Novovorontsovka, the Russians fired 15 rockets from the Grad launcher. There are no losses, but there are destroyed buildings.

In the Dolgovo area, the invaders shot a civilian minibus from an anti-tank missile system. Three people were killed and five civilians were injured. The injured were taken to the hospital and treated.

In addition, the enemy fired 16 rockets from the Smerch system at the Zelenodolsk TPP, and at the same time fired 40 shells from the Grads. Two buildings were destroyed, without casualties.

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“Three times the enemy attacked our positions in the Berislav and Kakhov regions with helicopters. Kherson region, as well as in Bashtansky – in the Nikolaev region. We don’t have any losses. In response, our aircraft inflicted three strikes on enemy strongholds in the areas of Aleksandrovka and Maksimovka,” the Ukrainian military said.

In total, 32 Russian soldiers, the Msta-S self-propelled howitzer, the TOR anti-aircraft missile system and four armored vehicles were destroyed during the combat day. The final losses of the enemy are being reconnoitered.

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“In the Black Sea, the grouping of the enemy fleet consists of 14 warships and boats. The place of their maneuvering remains in the missile-safe areas. Two missile carriers are keeping 16 Calibers at the ready, as well as three BDKs on duty,” the Yug OK added.

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