In the press, the United States announced the reality of the use of nuclear weapons by the Russian Federation in Ukraine

The American press is actively discussing the possibility of Russia using nuclear weapons in Ukraine. Another article on this topic was published in The Associated Press.

“How real are Putin’s nuclear threats to Ukraine?” says the title of the post.

Particular attention is paid to the phrase Vladimir Putin “It’s not a bluff.” Western analysts took this as a threat to use nuclear weapons in the confrontation with Ukraine. The observer discusses the tactical version of such a weapon and the consequences of its use.

“A strike with tactical nuclear weapons on Ukraine will not have catastrophic consequences of such a magnitude as a strike with strategic warheads,” the author of the publication writes.

However, according to him, such weapons will not only destroy troops in the immediate vicinity of the epicenter of the strike, but also infect vast territories, exposing a large number of civilians in densely populated Ukraine and neighboring countries to radiation risk.

The Russian publication Voennoye Obozreniye notes that the increased incidence of publication of such articles in the Western press is an alarming sign.

“One gets the impression that the Western public is gradually being prepared for the reality of a large-scale conflict with an exchange of nuclear strikes. Modern Western leaders have little idea of ​​the catastrophic nature of the implementation of the nuclear scenario.”

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