In the new issue of “On the cymbals with Roman Tsymbalyuk”

On Monday, August 1, on the YouTube channel of Ukrinform – the next release of the project “On the cymbals with Roman Tsymbalyuk”.

AT program – a conversation with Olga Budnyk, Ukrinform’s own correspondent in Turkey, about the launch of the “grain corridors” and the departure of the first ship with grain from Odessa.

We are talking about the details of the implementation of the Istanbul Agreement on the export of agricultural products from the ports of Ukraine, the routes of the first ships, the formation and movement of caravans, the prospects and guarantees for the safety of the “grain corridors”, the role of Turkey in this process.

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We also talk about how and where ships will be inspected, what volumes of grain can be exported in the near future, and how the launch of “grain corridors” can affect the price of grain globally, and so on.

On August 1, for the first time since February 24, a ship with Ukrainian food left the Ukrainian port. The vessel Razoni left the port of Odessa. There are over 26,000 tons of Ukrainian corn on board. A Sierra Leone-flagged Razoni heading to the port of Tripoli, Lebanon. The ship will move along the corridor, the safety of which was confirmed by the UN and Turkey.

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As reported, on February 7, Ukrinform launched a cycle of programs “On the cymbals with Roman Tsymbalyuk”, dedicated to Ukrainian and international events of the week, which are presented in the interpretation of Roman and through the prism of the countries in which the agency correspondents work.

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