In the midst of the discussions for the candidacies, Martín Lousteau led an act with Soledad Acuña

Soledad Acuña with Martín Lousteau (Photos: Luciano González)
Soledad Acuña with Martín Lousteau (Photos: Luciano González)

The national senator and leader of Radical Evolution, Martin Lousteau, led an event together with Soledad Acuña, Minister of Education of the City of Buenos Aires, in the main hall of the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). It was a suggestive photo because the leaders are two of the candidates for mayor of Buenos Aires of Together for Change (JxC) for 2023.

The photo of the economist with the Minister of Education was during the opening ceremony of the National Congress on Education and Culture, organized by the “Argentina Porvenir” Foundation. thinktank of Evolution, the political space headed by Lousteau.

Another point they have in common is that both are aligned with Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, mayor of Buenos Aires. He coins for being the official of him and Lousteau because he established an agreement with the Larretismo to compete for the succession within the STEP of Together for Change (JxC).

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The Buenos Aires Minister of Education and the senator spoke at the headquarters of the UBA of Economy
The Buenos Aires Minister of Education and the senator spoke at the headquarters of the UBA of Economy

It is the first event that Lousteau does after the rumor that spread yesterday about his eventual intention to be a candidate for president. The idea generated noise in PvC. In dialogue with Infobae, the senator expressed. “I ratify that I am a candidate for head of the Buenos Aires Government.”

“If we get out of the extreme speeches in Argentina, we can govern by systematizing the changes and that gives meaning to the change,” Lousteau said during his dissertation. Meanwhile, Acuña pointed out: “We need to govern well and agree on how we are going to order this educational economic and social development plan.”

Leaders such as Emiliano Yacobittinational deputy and vice rector of the UBA, Joseph Louis GiustiMinister of Economic Development of the City, Henry AvogadroMinister of Culture of the City, Flavio Famenational senator of PvC and bishop of Evolution in Catamarca, Paul Domenichiniprovincial legislator and Manuela Turte, Buenos Aires legislator

While Lousteau is the candidate promoted by the apparatus in the Buenos Aires Radical Civic Union (UCR), the political scientist is one of those chosen by the head of government to launch the race for the Uspallata chair. She joins the list of PRO applicants, which also includes Fernán Quirós, Buenos Aires Minister of Health.

In parallel, the candidacy of Jorge Macri, the Minister of Government of the City, coexists, promoted by the former President, Mauricio Macri, and Patricia Bullrich, president of the PRO. On Monday, the former Minister of Security shared an act with the mayor of Vicente López in use of leave, in clear support of her application in the City.

It was a postcard that bothered Uspallata. In the Larretista environment they slip that Bullrich’s support for Macri also implies his support for the presidential candidacy of the president of the PRO. It is something they consider inconceivable from an official of Rodríguez Larreta’s own government. In the macrismo they stand out. “It was an invitation and Jorge decided to go, as well as share management and campaign activities with Horacio,” they clarified about the native of Vicente López.

The photo of Lousteau with Acuña today in Economics was another sign of rapprochement between the leader of Evolución and Rodríguez Larreta. The leaders have deepened the harmony in recent weeks, and they reflect it in a series of events in which they are shown together

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