In the Luhansk region fired on the police, who were going to rescue people from the rubble

In the Luhansk region, the enemy fired on police officers who were driving to 11 people who may still be alive in a littered house in the village of Shipilovo. One law enforcement officer was wounded.

About this in Telegram Serhiy Gaidai, head of the Luhansk Regional Military Administration, said, Ukrinform reports.

“Dense shelling of free settlements in the region completely blocked the work of operational services … The orcs fired on the police on the way to 11 people (in the village of Shipilovo), who may still be alive. One policeman was injured. I had to go back,” wrote the head of the region.

He also noted that because of the shelling of the aggressor, the rescuers cannot reach the school in Belogorovka, under the rubble of which there are about 60 people who, most likely, died.

“We are waiting for silence in order to finally get people,” Gaidai said.

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In addition, he recalled that yesterday, May 9, the invaders fired all day on the roads connecting “with the mainland” – this is the road from the Luhansk region to Bakhmut.

“Now we are checking information about the security of entry and exit from the region. We will inform you additionally,” the head of the OVA stated.

He also said that in Severodonetsk and Lisichansk, the Russian military hit residential buildings, and they also shot at the building of the National Police in the regional center.

“A resident of Severodonetsk, who received shrapnel wounds yesterday, is already receiving medical care at the Poltava hospital,” Gaidai added.

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According to him, as soon as all the “unnecessary” ones are removed from the territory, rescuers will be able to start clearing the rubble at the school in Belogorovka and in the neighboring village of Shipilovo, where 11 residents are blocked in the basement of a private house, because “we hope that they will wait.”

As reported, Russian troops dropped an air bomb on a school in Belogorovka, where approximately 90 people were hiding, of which 27 were saved, seven of them were injured. Two were taken out already dead. About 60 people are likely to have died. Because the building didn’t just “form” and the basement collapsed – an air bomb exploded inside, a fire broke out, the temperature was critical.

And in the neighboring village of Shipilovo, 11 residents were blocked in the basement of a private house, which the invaders destroyed with shelling.

The Luhansk region is constantly under attack by the Russian army, many residential buildings, infrastructure facilities, educational institutions are destroyed, all hospitals are damaged.

According to the head of the Luhansk OVA, more than 40,000 civilians remained in the region who refused to evacuate.

The Russian invaders planned to completely capture the Lugansk region before May 9, but this was not possible due to the resistance of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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