In the liberated village near Kharkiv, gas is being re-provided

In the liberated village of Olkhovka near Kharkov, gas networks destroyed by enemy shelling are being re-laid into houses.

This was reported in Facebook press service of JSC “Kharkovgaz”, reports Ukrinform.

“The work to restore the building infrastructure continues almost around the clock. In Olkhovka, the enemy, with particular cynicism and cruelty, destroyed the housing stock of the settlement. Gas communications of private and multi-apartment buildings were subjected to colossal destruction. People’s housing has to be gasified almost from scratch,” the report says.

Gas workers, working almost around the clock, completely replaced the damaged sections of gas distribution pipelines and prepared them for the launch of gas.

As reported, on March 27 Ukrainian defenders freed the village of Olkhovka, a few kilometers from Kharkov, where about 70 invaders were destroyed and 27 captured.

Most residential buildings, farms, civil vehicles, schools and shops in the city of Olkhovka were damaged or completely destroyed.

Photo: JSC “Kharkovgaz”

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