In the Kyiv region, 92 kindergartens work full-time

In the Kyiv region, since June 20, 92 kindergartens have been working full-time, 3,301 children are registered in them.

According to Ukrinform, the head of the Kyiv regional military administration Oleksiy Kuleba said this in a Telegram.

In particular, there are three kindergartens in the Belotserkovsky district, 14 groups, 166 children; in Boryspil – 17 kindergartens, 61 groups, 773 children; Brovarsky – 6 kindergartens, 27 groups, 560 children; Buchansk – 22 kindergartens, 42 groups, 530 children; Vyshgorodsky – 12 kindergartens, 37 groups, 687 children; Obukhovsky – four kindergartens, 12 groups, 225 children, in Fastovsky – five kindergartens, 27 groups, 337 children.

There are 36 privately owned educational institutions operating in the Kyiv region on distance and mixed forms of education.

So, in the Buchansky district, 24 educational institutions of a private form of ownership operate on a distance and mixed form, in Brovarsky, Vyshgorodsky and Obukhovsky – two educational institutions each, in Fastovsky – six.

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267 institutions of preschool education work completely remotely. 13,256 children receive education there, 645 of them are from families of internally displaced persons.

As Ukrinform reported, as of June 13, 86 pre-school education institutions started operating in the Kyiv region, 23 of them are private.

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